The testimony of the faith of Jesus Christ

and the early Christians

is divided into two parts:


“The gospel of the promises of the covenant of God” (click here for pdf copy)


  • The one cannot be understood without the other and neither can be understood without the Holy Bible which is the foundation of the testimony.
  • No copyright is claimed by the writer and the reader is free to download the text and distribute it.
  • Scripture has been quoted verbatim to anchor the text to the bible - whose truth is inviolate - but the reader is advised to read the context of the scriptural record quoted.
  • Other texts have been linked only by references to passages in the bible - often a single verse for simplicity - so care must be taken to read and understand the context of the verses within their setting in the bible.
  • The Holy Bible is the record of the word of God and remains the single source of truth. This work is a testimony of belief in that word and acknowledges the absolute authority of the word of God.

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