The Holy Bible



The Holy Bible contains the only record of the reason for the existence of heaven, the earth and mankind as the superior being upon it. The Holy Bible is the only source of knowing that God is the creator of the heaven and the earth and that He keeps them in being every day and has mapped out what the future of them are. The Holy Bible shows that God is a kind, gracious and merciful provider of all life, that He is just and righteous in His daily administration of the earth according to His will, that He is faithful and true to His covenant of promises written in the Holy Bible and that He has an everlasting purpose with mankind and the earth not limited by time.

The Holy Bible is a unique collection of books written over a period of 1500 years by over 30 different people who all tell a different aspect of the same message. It has since been preserved for 2000 years by each generation to become the world's most publicized book translated into over 2000 languages. The Holy Bible is an exact and complimentary record of the first 4000 years of the so-far approximately 6000 year history of mankind, and accurately foretells the conditions on earth in these closing years of the last 2000 years or so. With the same accurate clarity it foretells the existence of the earth for the next 1000 years and beyond.

The Holy Bible was written by God who used people of widely different circumstances in more than 50 generations to record His purpose with mankind on the earth, and inspired each of those generations to continue to record an expanding thread of revelations that collectively portrayed a man who, for most of their time, had not been born. This thread showed that this man would display the character of God in his mortal body, that he would be the son of God by conception, son of man by birth, son of man in death, and Son of God by character and life, and Son of God in body and character after his resurrection from the dead.

The thread-like account of the formation of this character in a mortal man - Jesus Christ - who was made immortal after his resurrection from the grave, is the backbone of the Holy Bible and the sole reason that it was written, without which it would not have existed, or even if it had, it would not have had any meaning. Attached to that central backbone is the description of the formation of a framework of people who are being formed by God as a complementary multitudinous companion for His son Jesus Christ, made up of individuals out of all generations and nations from creation to this day. Finally, surrounding that central backbone and framework of individuals is the record of the progress and decline of mankind through the rise and fall of individual nations each succeeding the other right up to these days, and continues to foretell the rise and fall of human power to the return of Jesus Christ to the earth.

The manuscripts of the individual books of the Holy Bible were preserved directly by God through the labour and efforts of people in every generation both since it was begun and after it was completed, and despite national and individual attempts to suppress and deny it, it's words and message will be fulfilled by God irrespective of any effort of man, either for or against it. The word of God - written as the Holy Bible - will continue well beyond this generation, and will be administered universally in all the earth by Jesus Christ when he returns as the Bible foretells.

The words of the Holy Bible are as relevant today as they were in any previous generation and contain everything that is needed for an individual to gain the hope of the salvation that God has promised in the Holy Bible. The New Testament complements, enlarges and emphasizes the Old Testament so much so that the two cannot be separated, because both have the same message for every generation to the present. That message is not a hidden message or mysterious communication, but a plain and simple plea from God - as a would a doting father to his child - to reverence Him by compliance to His word together with a sincere private admission of personal sin against Him complemented with a life-long repentance in heart and mind.

The Holy Bible teaches that repentance is practice of an active belief in Jesus Christ throughout ones life by exercising the mind in the spirit of the words of the Holy Bible in order to bring about a constant change in personal attitude over time which eventually leads to a permanent change in character (a miracle in itself), and the Holy Bible contains everything that is needed to do it. There are no mighty miracles, mysterious rituals or odious works to be done except to practice a simple, active and convicting faith in the promises of God contained in the Holy Bible by keeping the commandments of Christ and increasing reverence for God (as an increasingly dependant child does on a loving and kind Father) who readily forgives repentant sinners but not those who repeatedly rebel.

The central gospel of the Holy Bible - which runs like the spinal cord through the back-bone message - is the promise that God will give everlasting life to those who do change their characters to be like His, after the example of the now fulfilled 'backbone' - Jesus Christ - who was, and is, the firstborn and head of a new generation. Jesus now awaits the time when God will finish His active work of selecting and preparing the last few members of the remaining framework of individuals who will become Jesus' companion, and when the very last member is reformed God will send Jesus back to the earth to raise the responsible dead (both faithful and unfaithful), judge the unrighteous as unworthy and justify the righteous as worthy to be the 'framework' of his family - to whom God will give a change of nature from mortality to immortality (complimenting their changed character) and they will live for ever under the ruler-ship of Jesus their king on this earth free from the curse of violence, decay and death.

Very briefly, that is the essence of the Holy Bible.